Fadzil Amin
16 years old
SMV muar
I'm totally Johorean
Single? Taken? its not your bussiness okay
Hate me? I hate you more :)

WanNurSyafiqah Roslad

my lover said him love I ! okay also actually indeed loved very at my lover !promise we are to be loyal ! actually love him I on her comparable love my own self .she one that cutepamperedjig, and more near her self, her is all him to me ! no her live me will not to be charmed . I with her start dayin love our 2.4.2011 ties remain until today . even though I always itchy make him vexed and more ! her one that very interest with justin bieber until I also sometimes feels jealous . hahahahha . but I only calm down ! hahahahha ! I and he mutually love ! and I will be trying to care him reach anytime . that promise I on her .

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Fadzil Aminuddin