Fadzil Amin
16 years old
SMV muar
I'm totally Johorean
Single? Taken? its not your bussiness okay
Hate me? I hate you more :)
fadzil and zurin

today go out with zurin ultraman hahahhahhah ! fun mad although tired ineffable ! walk and talk not stopping ! there is only question want in ask fun how want clear will ! if want know out itself with her . have just found out fun to not ! not direct boring dates with he ! there is only story that want tell a story will .
but time dates with he one only cannot forget her if go toilet want patient more full confident ! because her if go toilet like he make lunatic long toilet hahahhahha ! however also certainly mad best dates with he ! thank you friend ! love you know ?
hope not bored dates with I,,

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 Fadzil aminuddin